A Fashion School

For Kids & Teens

I believe in children as the future now. A great future can not be a reality if we don’t nurture the God given gifts at an early age. The opportunity I never had as a child I am paying it forward as I continually invest in children both at Church market place level. I believe in creating avenues where children can realize their potential, be educated, and directed towards making the world a better place through the orange economy ” Akinyi Odongo OGW – Founder & President.

Our Club

Wana Watindo club is a fashion and design club for children between the ages of 6 to 17 to get inspiration; create through learning skills in sewing and fashion design from a team of experts in the industry. Located in a serene environment, this one of a kind innovative program is designed for the kids to learn in small fun interactive classes with personalized attention.

Kids get to learn at their own pace and acquire valuable skills while at the same time build their social skills meeting new friends, being engaged in multiple activities and have fun while at it. We have a fully equipped studio where kids can come learn, grow their creative skills and work on an array of projects during weekends and holidays.

We have a playing ground, a place for them to hang out during class breaks and have fun, socialize, and not even realize how much they’re learning as they do. The kids are sure to wow you with their creativity. 

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Do you feel your child is creative?

  • Is your child undeniably talented? 
  • Does your child have a knack for hands-on, quirky innovation and surprises you with their creativity all the time?  
  • Does your child have an eye for fashion? 
  • Do you want your child to become a fashion designer in the future? 
  • Or maybe you just want to try something different and be proud to say to your friends “My child made this by herself/himself?” - Karibu Wanawatindo 

What they learn



Introduction to basics of needle work. Learning of Temporary, decorative and permanent stiches doing them by hand



Introduction to design process , creative thinking and how to cut and sew simple patterns



Basic introduction to fashion entrepreneurship and business ethics



Learning of parts threading, use, problems and remedies of a sewing machine


Taka Mali

Environmental sustainability and conscious fashion. Kids will learn about upcycling clothes and donate towards

UNDUGU PROJECT {Service Project}

Entry levels​


6-9 Yrs
5 Courses
10,500 Ksh Each


10-12 Yrs
5 Courses
12,000 Ksh Each


13-15 Years
5 Courses
13,500 Ksh Each


16-17 Years
5 Courses
15,500 Ksh Each

Our Partners

Akinyi Odongo Foundation

MEFA Institute


Fashion Agenda Africa


Talanta Hela


kenya fashion council